Whether your freedom machine is on the fritz, or just wants a little TLC to keep it soaring ceaselessly, our Service Department will see to it!

Getting new grips? Craving more chrome? Or maybe you’d even like to juice up your joy-ride with one of our Screamin’ Eagle® Big Bore Kits…whatever it is, our factory-certified techs can hook you up!

What’s more, our service bays feature the “Digital Technician,” a diagnostic machine available exclusively to authorized Harley-Davidson Service Centers!

And, last but not least, get to know your baby up-close-and-personal with our Dynomometer, a device that can help you see how much horsepower, torque, and air-fuel ratio your ride really has!

So, whether it’s a Harley or a metric, come on in and talk to Carl or Eric and see how our boys in Service—Clark, Tom, Roy, David, Shawn, Claude, Bill, and Robert—can love on your pride and joy!