Whether your freedom machine is on the fritz, or just wants a little TLC to keep it soaring ceaselessly, our Service Department will see to it!

Getting new grips? Craving more chrome? Or maybe you’d even like to juice up your joy-ride with one of our Screamin’ Eagle® Big Bore Kits…whatever it is, our factory-certified techs can hook you up!

What’s more, our service bays feature the “Digital Technician,” a diagnostic machine available exclusively to authorized Harley-Davidson Service Centers!

And, last but not least, get to know your baby up-close-and-personal with our Dynomometer, a device that can help you see how much horsepower, torque, and air-fuel ratio your ride really has!

So, whether it’s a Harley or a metric, come on in and talk to Carl, Justin, or Roy and see how our boys in Service—Clark, Tom, David, Shawn, Claude, Bill, Anthony, Steve, A.J., and Garrett—can love on your pride and joy!